Flip The Switch

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Picture by Danny Ensele ( 1/24/04 )

"Girl or Friend?"      writen by: Daniel 'Wil' Webb
restless incicurities your complexion what a tease, am I really so easy to please?
I was seing without sight I was hearing without spite I was thinking wit the thoghts I have thoght before
Acting like you are taken your love you were faken and I am awake to the false claims that you are staken
GIRL OR FRIEND...stop wastin my time
GIRL OR FRIEND you know your not mine
GIRL OR FRIEND stop wastin my time
GIRL OR FRIEND please girl give me a sign
and I regret to say I have fallen for your vicious ways and I again pay in daze,
try not to make a sound because my heart pounds for the fears of sheading silent tears
With the beam of your gleam I am sent into a helpless dream inwhich the exit is my self esteam
Maybe im to bitter, maybe your to sweet, maybe I should reconsider cause I tend to overthink
But look me in the eye and please try not to lie
tell me that you thoght I was just a nice guy
"Last call"          writen by: Daniel 'Wil' Webb
last call at ure favorite bar
but u know u dont have to go very far,
to get somethin good to eat
its right down that alley street
ure at ure favorite eatin spot
u see a girl thats kinda hot
usually u wouldnt act on this
but since ure drunk u give her a kiss
Last call finish up ure beer
you dont have to go home
but u cant say hear oh ya
so one last cheer
Last call at ure favorite bar
and u know u dont have to go very far     
from pain and misery
its right from ure family
u should have been thinkin
instead of al ure drinkin
u should have known ure limitations
and now ure just the scum of the nation
( reggae break down ) 
Chorus & ending
"Hey Yo"            writen by: Daniel 'Wil' Webb
I went to the club wih a couple of the guys
we try to get some girls with are pathetic tries and lies
I walk in the door and ure the first thing that I see
and I wonder if it could ever be

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey  hey hey hey hey hey yo X2
( Hey Yo Hey Yo )

As I talk to myself I want to talk to u
I feel so traped I feel stuck like glue,
I hold my breath I close my eyes
and say this is my time
as I walk over to u I reherse my line. 


I wanted to meet u but I didnt know how to greet ya X3

I dont know what I want in this life
maybe some kids and a nice preety wife
but all I want to do right now is just have some fun
so baby please dont turn ure head and run

"A pirates life for me"               writen by: Daniel 'Wil' Webb
Gather all around and ill tell u a tale
about a band of pirates and the sea they use to sail
this is a story that should not be told,
this is a story about the gold

Where is the gold? no body knows
Where is the gold? the pirate knows

Mess with them and they'll make u walk the plank,
cut ure throat and throw you in the shark tank,
and all the gold they get will never be found,
because as soon as they get it, they burry it underground.
( X marks the spot )

Where is the gold? ...................

( Wil free styles )

Where is the gold?...........

Yo ho ho its a pirates life for me
"Dating Show"               writen by: Josh Goodman
I wonder as I watch elimidate
if I would be the one to make it
I'd compete with other guys
or have four girls to be all mine
I wonder as I watch Blind Date
who would they hook me up with
all their dates go really bad
so we'd both end up really mad

put me on the dating show
put me on the dating show
the girls at the bar scene just don't do it for me
put me on the dating show
put me on the dating show
I want a girl with a little class and a really nice...

I've decided I would lose
I'm too nice for them to "use"
I'd just sit there at the bar
I'd sing songs on my guitar going:
na na na na na na
na na na na na na na
na na na na na na na na
"Marshmallow Man"            writen by: Daniel 'Wil' Webb
Marshmellow Man born in a little tin can,
straight from the heart of marshmellow land,
drove away one day in his marshmellow van
because he wanted to join our SKA BAND!


We meet him the very next day,    
he started to skank while we played
he said 'hey man could I join ure band?'
we said sure youll be our #1 fan
since that day his always been there
infact he really never cared
except for one time when he
was hangin out with the gummy bear!!!!!


Hey look it marshmellw look at him go
his spirts are high never low
his mind is fast and his personality glows
hes the man for our show
since that day our fan base began to grow
and we owed it all to Marshmellow
so shake his hand and give him a high five
and say "sir im glad ure alive"
"Luckiest guy in the world"          writen by: Robert Appel

I hate your boy friend
and i sort of hate you
Because im jealous
i am not with you
I wish i could you
hold you in my arms
But thats not possible
so i will just pretend

The Luckiest guy in the world
Is the one that you call boy friend
The luckiest guy in the world
I so wish i could be him

I always see you two
at the school making out
And it makes me want to kill him
because i get so mad
And whenever i talk to you
you always mention him
Well i dont care anymore
because i still like you
"Shes just out of reach"            writen by: Daniel 'Wil' Webb  & Robert A.

I picked her up from the rock show
I cant believe that she wanted to go
I should of asked if she wanted to dance
But i didnt want to take the chance

Beacuase shes out of reach
She is out of reach
She is out of reach for me

I tried to charm her and played it smooth
Treated her like the only girl in the room
But i guess she was just using me
Another girl who is to good for me

"Free Toy Inside"           writen by: Daniel 'Wil' Webb
You wake up You wake up
And you go downstairs
And you sit in your favorite chair
And then something happens to catch your eye
A cereal box with a free toy inside
Free toy inside
Free toy inside
Free toy inside
Ohhh my
Free toy inside
Free toy inside
Free toy inside
Ohhh my
You look up   You look up
And you look down
You look   You look
All around
But nowhere to be found
Is my... 
Is my my my 
I found my toy
It a little tinny tiny boy
Ohhh my god
Wheres his head?
Ohhh no, I think hes dead
Remember kids
dont let your parents
catching you doin it,
their gonna buy
Safeway brand
And you dont want that....


"Ska Baby"              writen by: Robert Appel

I remember the first time that i met you,
we were skankin' at a club and i bumped into you
You said "Hi" and i said hi back,
as i looked into your eyes i fell for you
You looked so fine,
you blew my mind
with your Save Ferris shirt and your checkered shoes
I think you, fell for me too
as we talked and danced, i wanted to kiss you

Ska baby ska baby
your my ska baby
Ska baby ska baby
my little rude girl

Now you and I, we always hang out
we put on some tunes and our dancing shoes
Getting down, to the rock steady sound
i wrote this song because i love you
May be someday, you can hear this song
and we can sing it and dance along
Until then, ill keep it locked away
in my heart, like an inmate

"The Andre theme song"             writen by: Robert Appel

This song goes out to my friend
who i see at the local shows
in the pit, messing it up
with a ban dana on and smile on his face

Pre Chorus:
But who is that man that im talking about?
Who is that man that im talking about?

Andre Smith, Andre Smith, Andre Smith,
That is his name

Andre likes to go to shows
and he doesnt, smoke dope
listens to the old punk bands
next time you see him shake his had

"Ms. Cleo"           writen by: Robert Appel

I use to be able to turn on the tube
and i wait for a comercial and i would see you
at least 3 times a day i would hear you say
"What is your sign?" and "Please call me now"

Pre Chorus:
Now i never see you
And i hope that the rumors arent true

Ms. Cleo, Ms. Cleo
where are you?
Ms. Cleo, Ms. Cleo
i miss you
Ms. Cleo, Ms. Cleo
please come back
Ms. Cleo, Ms. Cleo
i miss you

The last time i saw you,
you found out who the dad was
i never thought that you were a fake
but may be someday the truth will come out
and you will make lots of money again

Pre Chorus:
But no one knows how this life works
but may be you do

"Please stop your lying"              writen by: Robert Appel

Im sick of hearing them
Everytime you say somthin'
Dont say another word
Before someone gets hurt

Please stop your lieing
Please stop your lies

Now you have no friends
And whos fault is that?
Dont look at me that way
I didnt tell you what to say!


Who do you think you are?
Telling all those lies
Who do you think you are?
Telling all those lies

"Posers and wanna-bes"         writen by: Robert Appel

Forget Mtv and forget you,
your not going to tell me how to be cool,
i will dress how i want to dress,
and i will like what i want to like,
just because you say your cool,
it doesnt mean that it is true,
im not going to sell out and be like you,
id rather be a loser.....

Posers and wanna bes
thats not the life for me

Hot Topic and Carson Daily
keep us up with what is cool
Gap, Old Navy, and Fitch
keep prices low, so you buy them
Hot girls who act like hoes
not for me ill save my dough
Expensive cars and dirty money
keep your shell necklaces away from me!

"Still cant get over you"            writen by: Robert Appel

Driving down the road,
and your sitting next to me
Listening to our favorite band,
and i start to get that feeling again

I cant believe that i still like you,
and i wish that this wasnt true

Im not sure why i do,
because you broke my heart
But just by looking at you,
is enough to drive me crazy

"Gangsta Grandpa"                writen by: Robert Appel

The other day
i was talking,
To my friend
about his family,
And this one guy
that caught my eye,
this old guy
that does drive bys

My friends grandpa is an O.G.
Hes been down with the hood since the 50s
Talk bad about him and you'll get beat
Hes just a gangsta who drinks the 40s

My friend says

hes very friendly,
Even though
Hes one of the homies,
he wears the plad
and wears the dickies,
Sports a gun
cause' hes no sissy

My friends grandpa is an O.G.
My friends grandpa is an O.G.
My friends grandpa is an O.G.
My friends grandpa.....



"FTS RAP"    ( Stuff Vol. 2 )

Yo who won the B.O.B?
with S.N.R when we tp'd
FTS all up in the Jammies
Somehow we lost OH NO CALAMITY!
The worlds been waitin for the GLD
we bring it on hard with the man Big D
All you people love to see this ska band risen up out
of EG
We're down with The PS out of Canada eh
we hit this nation like a Pokemon craze
Were down with the RBF and MC
we hit the world like a Mad Cow Disease
We had some trouble on the radio they hate on ska
where you at Marco?
Call 766 1065 is how we keep this shit alive
We hit the Boardwalk once then twice
again in june when we make it three times
we shook the walls at the Crest
We all know which band was best

HEY YO! Put your hands up holla now
HEY YO! if you Flip The Switch

Yo yo...
I spit with a mic, in my hand
Flip The Switch is the greatest ska band
We put it down, harder than most
Im telling the truth I dont mean to (?)
We like to keep it going keep the noise level up
we rock the parties like WHAT!
Im the one and only GSB
If you got something to say then talk to me
Its obvious i like to ride my scooter alot
one day I'll be at the top
The flavors comin from all over the place
Flip The Switch and GSB up in your face

HEY YO! Put your hands up holla now
HEY YO! if you Flip The Switch

Yo rollin around with the FTS crew
Doin that ska thing is what we love to do
They call me Marky Mark and i bust the beat
Growin up all up in Lagunas tuffest streets
Yo growin up was hard but i got throw it
Just a drum set and ill get right to it
When i joined this band about a year ago
You know i didnt realiaze how fare we'd go
Yo ballin it up with the GSB
step on the court and u will see
Yo we be rockin hard with Good Luck Duck
Fool we are FTS and we dong give a HEY YO!

*Too Damn Cute*  coming soon!
*Full Cup*  coming soon!


All songs are Copyrighted and are written by Flip The Switch