NAME: Robert Appel


INSTRUMENT: Guitar & Vocals


AIM: RobertTHErocker

YIM: got_s_k_a

AGE: 21 ( April 1st 1983 )

SINGLE? Dont remind me

FAVORITE BANDS: Reel Big Fish, The planet Smasher, The Forces Of Evil, Save Ferris, The Aquabats, The Toasters, Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, Offspring, Lit, ICP, Bloodhound Gang, OLD Blink 182, and i love the oldies ( Kool 101)! TATTOOS? Yes, i have 7. If you wanna see them, check out my MySpace page

FAVORITE FOODS: Cereal, Pancakes, Waffels, and P B & J !!!

FAVORITE PLACES TO DINE: Pancake Circus, Subway, Mels, & Panda Express

COKE OR PEPSI? Cherry Pepsi

HOBBIES? Bowling, Ping Pong, Multiplayer Video Games, Shooting Pool, Basketball, and being emo like Nemo.

FAVORITE COLORS: Green, Black & White Checkered

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Family Guy, Seinfeld, South Park, The Dave Chappelle Show, MacGyver, The Critic, Jackass, OLD TMNT, Drawn Together, & Simpsons

FAVORITE MOVIES: Ghostbusters, Orgazmo, The Toxic Avenger 4, Jay and Bob Strike Back, Office Space, Super Troopers, The Goonies, & Not Another Teen Movie

"When I am down and feeling blue, all I have to do, is close my eyes and think of you, and the world is new." - monique powell
"Girls Gone Wild, its not just a title.... its a way of life." - Snoop Dogg

"It takes heart to make a great cookie" - Famous Amos Cookies

"Girl... you give me Pac Man fever CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP!!!!!!" - Dave Chappelle

"Cause there's so many fish in the sea, they all look like me, Im just a little tiny fish, thats all I'll ever be"- Aaron Barrett

"Don't knock it til you try it" - Robert Appel

Robert's MySpace


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