ADAM ( if available )

Robert - for booking, merch, questions, or for anything else.

Flip The Switch was started in the summer of 2002. Originally named Not Another Face In The Crowd, desided to change its name due to a booking conflict. That and well... the name is super long! Under the original name, they did 2 shows. The first show was at a local coffee shop, with only 3 members in the band: Robert, Justin, and Daniel ( Wil ). A few weeks after that, they added a bassist ( Ben ) and a trumpet player ( Adam ). They soon did their second show in about a week or two of adding them. It was at a friends party and it was fun... even though we didnt sound too great. After that, in Nov of 2002, we recorded our first CD, 'Turn on the Fun'. A month later, Justin and Ben quit the band. Still trying to keep the band alive, Christian a.k.a Big K ( Robert's brother ) filled in on the drums. During this point in time, Matt joined the band by playing the saxophone. It took 6 long months to replace Justin and Ben. Mark replaced Justin, and Josh replaced Ben. Soon after that, in October of 2003, they released its second CD entitled 'Flip The Switch'. Since then, a few different horn players joined, but eventually quitted. In April of 2004, the band kicked out Mark, and replaced him with Mike. Then after that, Andrew joined on the trumpet.
Flip The Switch has played with popular bands like The Planet Smashers, Mustard Plug, Big D & The Kids Table, Catch 22, Streetlight Manifesto, etc.

FTS's main goal has always been about keeping SKA music alive! Its the greastest music & the most fun. They will not rest until the whole world knows about them!

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