10/28/05 at Club Retro:
Skalloween 2005 was a huge success, cant wait to do it again next year! Thanx go out to all our fans who stayed late to watch us.

10/21/05 at Main Street Brewery (Formerly The Sports Page):
Wow... once again... beer and playing doesnt mix. lol

10/10/05 at The Boardwalk:
SKA IS DEAD 3! Was a very fun night. I sort of wish that a few more people could of showed up. For a Monday night, and a night with 2 other BIG shows going on in the area, i think we did good. We heard good feedback from the other bands and we sure how to play with them again. It was a huge honor! Thanx Eric for another great show.

10/3/05 on Punk Rock Academy (Howard 93.7 fm):
If was fun and everything went great. We played 'Date From Hell' acousticlly and it sounded great. Hopefully someday we can make an acoustic album. Thanx go out to Andy Hawk for letting us play on his killer show!

10/1/05 at The Main Street Brewery:
Wow... never get drunk before a show! Yes i know... even if the drinks are free... its just a bad idea. You cant play your best and its never cool to let fans down.

9/17/05 at Pistol Petes:
We have never played Auburn before... and must do it again! Lots of hot girls, and yeah... what more would you want? lol We were pretty tird from playing the party a few hours prior, but it was still fun and we gave it 110%! We missed the first band (Stoney Groove) because we were late, but i heard they did great. Thanx for the show Smoke... you guys were really good!

9/17/05 at a Party in Galt:
Happy Birthday Caitlin! Hope you had as much fun as we did. Thank you again so much for booking us Debbie!

9/16/05 at The Blackwater Cafe:
It felt good to come back to Stockton. It was a fun night. Thanx for the show Middagh!

9/10/05 at Club Retro:
We love you Sacramento! It was great to come back home and play our heart outs for ya. All the bands rocked and we must hook up with them again! Thank you so much for all that came out. I know you were all tired by the time we went on stage, but you still gave us your all. Much love guys! Oh, and thanx again Tadd & Club Retro for letting me book the show!

9/4/05 at The Gaslighter in San Jose:
Wow, what to say about this show? Um... the crowd was awesome! We tore it up and it was fun. The only thing that sucked ass was the Gaslighter itself. It hella ripped us off with money. So yeah, i doubt we will ever go back to that place. We do wanna come back to San Jose though! Like i said, we had a blast and the crowd loved us. I guess thats what really counts. Thanx go out to Skars of Britain.

8/30/05 at The Underground:
Great show! Its was an honor to play with the OC SuperTones last time, and this time too. We had a bunch of fans jumping on stage and dancing. It was great. Thats what the music should be about. Thanx you Ken for the show.

8/13/05 at Steph's B-Day Party (Rio Vista):
It was fun. I wish we the full band could of made it, but stuff happens i guess. Hope you had a good one Steph!

7/23/05 at a party:
8/6/05 at Beale Air Force Base :
Was fun! Got to play a Team Karatewarehouse song called 'Mr. T' with their singer Ron. It sounded great and it was a huge honor. I wish that band never broke up!

7/23/05 at a party:
It was fun :) Thanx correy!

7/25/05 at The Boardwalk:
Awesome show! Every show needs to be like that. We rocked it like a hurricane! Thanx Secretions for the show. You guys were awesome too!

7/23/05 at a party:
It was fun :) Thanx correy!

7/9/05 at The Wicked Hillbillies Skateshop:
Not a bad show. I think we got some new fans too. Thanx go out Wicked Hillbillies skateshop!

7/7/05 at WARPED TOUR:
It was f*cking great! We couldnt ask for anything more. Thanx go out to Ernie Ball (Brain Ball) and to all our fans that came out!

7/6/05 on 93.7 Punk Rock Academy:
Wow... um... we got kicked off the air for mentioning KWOD. lol I still dont think i did anything wrong, but i guess i did. We at least got to mention our CD release show and the Warped Tour. We even got to play 3 songs! Andy Hawk, thanx for the invite. Next time we know the rules!

6/24/05 at The Aric's Cafe:
The show was a-w-e-s-o-m-e! Rick Johnson of Mustard Plug is the f'in shit! He tore the show up! The other bands did great too. Over all, nothing to complain about. The fans showed up and skanked liked the end of the world was near! Best Birthday show a band could ask for. Thanx go out to everyone who was apart of lastnights magic! Much love fans!

6/18/05 at The Sports Page Bar & Grill:
Well, the show was ok. The crowd wasn't too into us... much older, but they were at least bobin' their heads. We of course played our hearts out and had a blast. By the way, the guys in Posiden are very cool. Thanx to the fans that came out... you know who you are... YOU ROCK!

6/4/05 at Club Retro:
It was a big honor to play with the Supertones... it sucks they are breaking up. Dan their trombone player, couldnt stop saying to us how much he liked us. That was very cool to hear! Roper played the show too and they dedicated a song to us. I guess we really did great last night? The crowd was awesome and we even had crowd surfers! CRAZY! Anyways, BIG thanx go out to Club Retro and to our fans!

5/27/05 at The Boardwalk:
Awesome show! If you weren't there... tisk tisk!

5/21/05 at Wil's cousins party:
It wasnt bad. It was fun and i think a lot of people enjoyed us. Oh, and congrats on graduating Kayla!

4/23/05 at The Boardwalk:
We did an acoustic set outside. It was pretty fun. A few of the Mad Caddies even came out and watched us! Apparently there was miscommunication between the Caddies and the Boardwalk... and thats why we were kicked off the bill. But before we knew that, Josh recorded a song about the whole situation. The chorus goes "Why wont you play with a ska band? Why did you take my chance away? Why wont you play with a ska band? What you did to us was very lame." (Its up on if you wanna hear it) Josh gave them the song on a CD at the begining of the night. They were going to play it as their last song of the set, but Chuck (the lead singer) lost his voice. How cool is that? They were really gonna play his song! They did say next time they come to town, we will be on the bill!

4/1/05 at Andrew's Church:
Well, im mad that i wasted my 22nd birthday by playing at a church. It was pretty boring and right before we went on, the churches PA went out. It was bad. We got to play for like 20 minutes! I mean yeah... the pay was good... hence why we did it... but over-all the night sucked.

3/19/05 at Franklin High School:
Hmm... it was ok, but it could of been a lot better. Thanx go out to everyone who came out and danced to us! :)

3/17/05 at The Boardwalk:
Great show! It was an honor to do another SKA IS DEAD show! All the bands did great and i think we all had fun... its what its all about. Thanx go out to everyone who came! Keep supporting ska music! Thanx again Eric for the show

3/16/05 at Folsom High School:
It was fun! The second lunch was way better though! :) Anyways, thank you Corry for bookin us... even though we didnt get any soft-served ice cream!

2/27/05 at Shady Bradys:
Show could of been better, but hey... its Roseville. We need to figure out a way to better promote our selves in that area. So yeah, it was an alright show and all the bands that played sounded great. Big props go out to everyone who came out to support our friends I Voted For Kodos, thats on tour from Wisconsin!

2/26/05 at Imusicast:
Great show! Finally, we feel proude of an Imusicast show. lol Sucks that we couldnt of played and sounded that well when we played with FOE back in January. Thanx go out to Andrew and Imusicast. And thanx to all of our Bay Area fans too! :)

2/11/05 at Shady Bradys:
Not a bad show. Lots of people showed up and Money Shot did pretty good.

2/3/05 at The Underground:
Was an alright show. Glad people came out and had fun. Roper wasnt bad either... thanx to all who came out and to the Underground for booking us!

1/22/05 at BTs Coffee Place:
Awesome show! It was good to play back in our home town of Elk Grove. Its been a while and it was worth the wait. Everyone seemed to have fun and thats what its all about. I want to appolagize for the fans that felt smashed. The coffee shop was small, and we packed it with about 50 kids! We like these smaller shows because we can feed off the crowd easier and its more personal. Thanx go out BT & Matt for booking us... and thanx to all the kick ass fans that came out! We love ya!

1/21/05 at Accordian Art and Music Space:
This show wasnt too bad. We were very excited to play a show hosted by Teeno Records. We couldnt stay and watch the last 2 bands, sorry about that! Big Daddy had work at 5am and some of the other guys had family stuff to take care of in the morning. Thanx go out to our BAY AREA fans! Glad we can draw a few of you cats to come out and see us even out of town. Thanx again Adam for the show!

1/8/05 at Imusicast:
For some reason our BIG show didnt go so well... well, we r promising our fans that we will never mess up like that again! We practiced all week and cant believe we had our worst show in the history of FTS. All bands have their bad night, but come on, this was just horrible timing! Hopefully someday we can make it up to FOE and knock their socks off! By the way, we debuted 2 new songs: So over it & Fair of Fashion

12/31/04 at Ryans New Years bash:
It was alright, and had fun. Spent the New Year together as a band... what more could u possibly ask for? Thanx again Ryan for inviting us to play.

12/16/04 at The Boardwalk:
Not a bad show at all. Every band sounded great and it was nice to play with Voodoo. They were nice guys by the way. We hope to do some shows with them on the upcoming SKA IS DEAD 2 tour. Thanx again Eric, and thanx again to every single person for coming out on a Thursday night and spending it with us.

12/12/04 on KWOD 106.5:
Finally, we got to host the Sounds of Sac! It was very fun and we would like to thank Violet for being so cool! I hope Sac Town's only Alternative Rock station keeps supportin the ska! Thanx go out to all our fans for callin in and just being so great to us. Please dont stop!

11/21/04 at Old Ironsides:
This show just all around rocked! Good turn out, but could of been way better in my opinion. I mean, you just couldnt beat that line up for an all local show! Seriously! It was also an honor to play with The Brodys. Man... after all these years, they still rock it like a hurricane! Big Thanx go out to Jerry Perry for booking us. He's such a nice guy! Make sure you keep reading those 'Alive N Kicking' newspapers everyone!

11/20/04 at Imusicast:
This was a pretty fun all ska show. All the bands were good, especially The Uptones. They were Very nice guys and had awesome music! Big Thanx go out to Andrew for booking us! Hope to work with you again buddy!

10/24/04 at Shady Bradys:
It was a battle of the bands, and we got 3rd place. We were a little tired from playing a party prior to the show, but we still gave it all that would could. Thanx go out to Christian ( Big K ) for helping us out!

10/18/04 at The Boardwalk:
Our 2nd greatest night ever in FTS history! Well, if not 2nd, then tied with the time we destroyed the Boardwalk at the B.O.B. for the Jammies... anyways, just about all the bands had nothing but great things to say... it was just such an honor and an awesome time! Everyone was very cool and nice... and just wanted to thank all the fans and everyone who came out and supported ska music! BIG thanx go out to 720 Eric for booking us!

10/17/04 at The Crest Theater:
Great and fun night! FTS were all voted Saints! HEY YO! Big thanx go out to Reverend Steve and Mr Lobo for letting us be apart of the fist Edwood Stock!

10/2/04 at BTs Place in Elk Grove:
Great and fun night! We all dressed up as if it was Halloween! We played a new song called '100 bucks down' and the crowd loved it. Thanx go out to all who came, BT for having us, and THE WIGGUMS for driving all the way down from AZ to play! I hope we get to play with them again!

9/3/04 at The Elk Grove Teen Center:
Night started off ruff... and so did afterwards, but hopefully everything will work out in the future. Anyways, it was our biggest TC show, 300 kids! HEY YO! Thanx go out to all the kids who came out and had a blast. We had a blast rockin out with Sparkstarter, DPT, Lynus, and I Voted 4 Kodos. It was cool to play with a ska band from Wisconsin... very fun and cool guys. Big props go out to them!

8/27/04 at The West Sac Teen Center:
Um... not sure what to think of the show... but the TC was the coolest place on earth! It had pool tables, indoor basketball court, ping pong, and air hockey! I mean... what more would you want in life? lol So yeah, glad Amadeus, Radio Star, and Crushed by Jefferson showed up though. 3 W Y and Falls from Grace bailed. Also, sux, Lynus made it, but couldnt play cause the show went long or something. Anyways, thanx go out to Ken for booking us!

8/13/04 at Shady Bradys in Roseville:
Great show! 2 things: gained some new fans... and NIKKI showed up! HEY YO! Big thanx go out to all the new fans who were dancing and having a good time to us... and big thanx go out to Matt's sister Katie for filling in on the drums while Mike is off in Africa.

8/13/04 at Club Retro in Orangevale:
It was Robert from Sparkstarter's birthday show. We played and then went straight to Shady Bradys. It was a ruff show.

8/6/04 at Imusicast in Oakland:
It was an honor to open up for Big D and Street Light Manofesto. The crowd didnt get into us like they did for them, but they still seemed to have liked us. I think the reason for this is, we are a lot different than Big D and SLM. We had fun and wish it could of gone a little better, but you cant be picky. Big thanx go out to Andrew Palamides for getting us on the bill and to Christian ( BIG K ) for filling in on the drums for us!

7/28/04 at The Blackwater Cafe:
Just a bad night. The sound was really bad and everyone showed up late. I guess thats what happens when u open up a show. Overall, it was a sort of fun night. Big thanx go out to some of our fans from Sac who came out!

7/17/04 in Yuba City:
It was an okay night... not too many kids there. Thanx go out to Curtis for booking us though! Nice guy, feed us and even payed us :)

7/10/04 at Shady Bradys:
One word, NIKKI! HEY YO!

7/09/04 at the Pollike Pines Teen Center:
This show was a bomb, but we tried to make the best of it. For some reason that small town up in the middle of nowhere, didnt have that big of a crowd. I mean, come one! What else do you have to do on a Friday night in Pollike Pines?

6/26/04 at the Elk Grove Teen Center:
It was a fun show and glad we had a nice size crowd. I hope the cameras all went ok... we hope to use most of that footage for our upcoming DVD. Anyways, thanx go out to all the fans who got an FTS shirt and for everyone who came out.

6/19/04 at Scooter Rage 18 in S.F:
We played alright and the show was alright, but the event was very cool. It was an honor to play at it and hope to be invited back again. The guy who ran it , Fritz, was super cool and seemed to love us. All of us now want scooters. lol So yeah... if your a scooter company and you read this... SPONSOR US! Anyways, thanx go out to Fritz, Beakmen 'Brian', Momma Lori, and Thee Parkside!

6/15/04 at Shady Bradys in Roseville:
FTS and Sex Tape Scandal

6/10/04 at The Boardwalk:
Not that bad of a show. Mike was sick at first and couldnt make it, but at the last moment he somehow did. Matt our friend, was willing to sub in for him and got to play the opening song... he did good by the way! Go check out his band Sex Tape Scandal! Anyways, the show wasnt bad and the other bands did good too. It was cool to see our original drummer Justin there and his band 7 Year Plan. Good times. Thanx go out to him for the show, and to all our fans that came out.

5/30/04 at The Caffeine Den in Stockton:
It's about time we play an all ska show! It was one of our best shows we played at, but not one of our best shows in sounding. We played in a basement... it was like an old WW2 bunker. lol It was very echo-ey and the sound system wasn't too great. But hey, we had a big crowd skanking to us and having a great time... now thats what its all about! And when the Kingpins played, it was amazing and they are some really nice people too. I hope we get to play with them again in September when they come back! Big thanx go out to Middagh for letting us on this show and to the few fans that came out! Those who didnt go, all i can say.... YOU MISSED OUT!

5/28/04 at The Boardwalk:
First off i would like to think all the true fans that came out and supported us on our ruff evening. A lot of people promised to come and they didnt. I know it was a holiday weekend and grad night for some, but again, thanx to those who came threw and showed up. I hope you had a decent time even though we couldnt use any of our stage props! We did talk to the owner after the show and he okayed them for the next show there on the 10th. I would also like to thank our new friends Bucho and Firepie. They kick ass and they are very friendly. Last but not least, i would like to thank our buddy Adrian from SN&R for booking us and Kendra for selling our merch.

5/11/04 at The Urban Cafe in Elk Grove:
First off, I' deeply sorry about what happened tonight. The out come of this show wasn't fair, not even to us! The Urban Cafe owners and the Elk Grove Police came up with the stupid solution tonight. I repeat, FTS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS IN ANY WAY! We were so ready and stoked to play, and now we are just as mad as you. We feel like we let down our fans and we had nothing to do with what happened tonight. It really sux. Im not gonna get into whos fault this is or anything like that, but I assure you, next time a show happens at the Urban Cafe and FTS is on the bill... nothing is gonna happen! When Robert puts on a show, he works out all the details and makes sure shit like this doesn't happen. Next time you see us, we will play even harder... if thats even possible... and go out even more to please all you fans. Thanx so much for all your support and also sorry that we didn't get that group picture of all the fans who bought a FTS t-shirt tonight. Next show... i promise! Please keep your ticket stubs... FTS and Votality will probably be doing a show for all you fans that came out tonight. Again sorry... we had a few surprises in store and a great set list to play for you all. Times like this, you just wanna hate Elk Grove.

4/24/4 at the Elk Grove Teen Center: It was Josh & Mark's one year of being in the band. It was a great show! I really enjoy playing at the E.G. Teen Center. We always get a huge turn out and we always destroy that place! :) Around 225 people came out and all the bands rocked! My personal favorite was G.S.B ( Ronny Sharpe ) our scooter ride'n / b-ball'n buddy. lol He did great doin hiz rap thing and also did great performing with us when we did the FTS Rap. Sorry if you missed this rare show, maybe we will do the FTS Rap again at the next show... everyone seemed to like it. We also performed 2 new songs called 'Too damn cute' and 'Full cup', i think the crowd loved them too!Anyways, thanx go out to all the bands for playing and to all the fans for coming! I would also like to thank Mario and the rest of the T.C. staff! Plz come out and see us next month with the backstreet boys of ska, The Suburban Legends from Orange County!

4/15/04 at Laguna High School: This show was a lot better than i expected. Im always hearing negative things about Mark's school, but i thought it went good. We had fun and surprisingly the kids werent rude or anything. I personally think that the first lunch was better than the second one because it had way more kids watching us. The other guys disagree with me, but whatever! ;) Anyways, it was cool and Im glad that we got to do this. Too bad Big Daddy couldnt make it due to moving this weekend. I want to give shout outs to Mr. Plat and Mallory for letting this show happen. See you on the 24th!

4/2/04 at Club Retro: The show wasn't too great. We SO didn't fit the bill. Usually when this happens, we still get the crowd diggin' us... but not this time. lol I felt like we played at a rap concert. It was bad, but some of the people had fun... thats all that matters. Adam did the show with us and i think he had fun. He's back in town for Spring Break and I hope he comes back for our big show on the 24th. Don't miss out guys! Thanx go out to our fans that showed up, to my bro Big K for booking the show, and Matt'.

3/8/04 Flip The Switch and The PLANET SMASHERS at The Urban Cafe in Laguna!
The night started off a little ruff because the cops came and were threatening to stop the show. I guess there was too many kids hanging out side of the coffee shop hanging out. After the first band played ( Sparkstarter ) we finally told everyone out side to either come in or go home. It was a crazy night! The place was so packed that they had to stop letting people in! So, if you didnt make it in last night, thats your bad. You missed out on the greatest show ever! We did alright and it was cool to play with Adam again. It sucked that Big Daddy couldnt make it due to a car wreck on the way to the show! Dont worry though, hes OK! Also, if you were there, you saw the revealing of our new stage toy... The FTS Ska'fetti Cannon. It was so cool! Thanx go out to Brian ( Beakmen ) for making it for us. Now, to the main event, The Planet Smashers! They did awesome and everyone had a great time. Lots of people were skanking and living up the night. I really hope that we get to play with them again someday. They are the coolest and nicest guys! Im very happy that one of my dreams and reasons for starting Flip The Switch happened last night. Someday, I hope that the other guys in the band get to open up for one their favorite bands and get that feeling of accomplishing a goal that you never thought would happen. Thanx go out to The Urban Cafe, Sparkstarter, Votality, and of course THE PLANET SMASHERS!

2/28/04 The Sacramento Jammies at the historic Crest Theatre:
First off, we did the best out of everyone! Hands down. Most of the other bands and solo artists did very good. Dont get me wrong, but we were the most fun, energetic, and entertaining. If you didn't us, im sorry, but you MISSED OUT! We had the famous FTS TP Blower goin, the FTS Beach Balls, Rockets, Pinatas, and candy! I suggest you buy the DVD when it comes out. Anyways, big thanx go out to Adrian from the Sacramento News and Review. Hes our buddy and he knows what time it is! HEY YO!

1/29/04 at The Underground:
Not too bad of a show. We went all out again and i think we surprised a lot of people who didnt get to see us the other day the Boardwalk. This show was funny because we had 3 members of Sparkstarter dress up and dance around. We had a chicken, an ape, and even Santa Claus. LOL It was fun and we didnt do too bad either. Thanx go out to everyone who helped out with the show. The only sad thing is that The Good Luck Duck got stolen... i know... i know.... SOMEBODY CALL 9-1-1! The BPs said that they know who took him and we hope to get him back to FTS headquarters ASAP. We miss you buddy!

1/24/04 at The Boardwalk:
Ok, this was the best show in the world! It was the Sacramento Jammies, the battle of the bands. We came in there and blew the building down! The crowd was so pumped and having fun... it was just amazing! We were all so nervous cause the first 2 bands didn't make the crowd do anything! So... we took the risk and crowd loved us! The other 4 bands did good, but we all knew who won.... us! We so had to of! It sux that we wont know until February 9th, but its cool though... its in the bag guys! :) So yeah... if we win, please come and check us out at the historical CREST THEATER in downtown. Big props go out to all our fans and friends who came, the Sacramento News and Review (Adrian), and the Boardwalk. Again, great show... i think we sold all our CDs! Oh, and sorry for the big mess we made on stage Boardwalk ( the toilet paper, the silly string, and the party poppers ). At least we cleaned it all up. lol

1/10/04 at The Elk Grove Teen Center:
Best show ever! Wish we had a little more time, but besides that the crowd went crazy for us and gave us the love that we have been dying to get! Awesome show, just an all around fun show. All the bands did good and we even made friends with Lynus. Great guy that Joe is... anyways, if you didnt come to this show then you missed out BIG TIME! The crowd jumped when we jumped, claped when we claped, danced, and sung along with us... the crowd participation was just so amazing. Thanx 2 everyone who came out and had fun and supported us! Thanx Mario for the show. By the way... we ran out of Cds... i knew i should of brought them all!

12/31/03 at Club Retro in Orangevale:
Great show... all the bands rocked! Everyone that has seen us before said that we sounded our best ever! So that was cool to hear. We all had fun and glad that the big crowd enjoyed our happy music! Thanx for the show Matt... ska on!

12/17/03 at Club Retro in Orangevale:
The show first started out as a bad night. We got there a little late becuase of my job. Then we get ready to play and i noticed that someone forgot to bring my guitars. The other band, Prescription was cool enough to let me use theirs. Thanx again dude! So yeah... most of the crowd left after they played... but the ones that stayed were much appreciated! To me i thought we sounded good. Not sure what the others though, but we had a lot fun. As you may noticed, we had a new trumpet play named Kris and it was his first show with us. I know he had fun and i think he did his best. Big PROPS go out to Big Daddy for his help in the XMAS decorations... and to Matt for letting us play!

11/28/03 at The Underground in Roseville:
Good show... was really fun to play with our buddies from Rancho, The BPs. Everyone said that the sound guy sucked and that we didnt sound as great as i thought we did on stage. Oh well, it was all about having fun. But its never fun when u dont get paid for a show. lol 96 people paid last night.... if 100 people paid... we would have gotten paid. So next time everybody, please come and bring ur friends... we r broke! Oh, and then after u watch us... we can go out to the lobby of The Underground and watch TV on their huge flat screen TV ;)

11/26/03 Boardwalk in Orangevale:
Ok, where to start? We first show up and they say we are now headlining at 11 and not opening the show at 8:30. So, that meant Wils family counldnt make it... that sucked.... and that meant Jacob couldnt do it cause his mom wanted him home by midnight. So, we did our show and tried our very best, but something was just missing... it was another horn. After we played, the sound guy said we were very good, but we may have blown our chance in ever playing there again cause our sax player left. Anyways, then... to top of the night, we didnt get paid! Whats up with that? It was a $10 dollar show i hear and we didnt get anything... not cool. Oh and one more thing... Sac News and Review finally posted our show in its magazine the day of the show. LOL

11/5/03 Club Retro in Orangevale:
This show wasn't too bad. We sounded alright and got to do a decent amount of songs. Big Daddy did great too and the crowd didn't seem to mind about our new mascot: The Bad News Ghost. LOL But anyways, it was a fun night! My brothers band 'Sparkstarter' filled in for the other band because someone was sick. They guy who ran the place, Matt, interviewed us and had a 'who can skank better contest' for a copy of our CD. That was cool.... but we would like to thank our fans & new fans.... for coming out and seeing us. Thanx go out to Matt for being so nice and cool to us. Thanx again for letting us play at club Retro.

10/24/03 our CD release show at the Capitol Garage:
Ok, this show was alright. We had hella flakers and few haters. Why do people say that will come and then they dont without letting u know? LOL Anyways, i wish we had time to play 'Marshmallow Man' because a few people requested it. I hope we didnt let down anybody too much. I think we did a decent job and had fun! I really hope we can play at the C. G. again.... FTS has tried for over a year to play there... and that day finally came yesterday! Um.. what else... im sort of having second thoughts on having it our CD release show. We didnt sell very many CDs, but its still all good! Thanx again to Gina and Chaising Sirens for making last night even possible! We hope to work with them again!

8/23/03 at our local SweetBean:
Ok, this wasnt a bad show at all. BPS kicked off the night and really impressed me. I wish that they could of played a little longer though... it took a while for me and Wil to feel the music and skank. Then Hazzle played a good 2 man show . Then the main event... us! LOL We did ok. We didnt have much practice and we were all exhausted from recording all day and all day yesterday at the recording studio.

7/30/03 Phoenix Theater in Petaluma:
Um... wow... what to say? LOL The show sucked. Thats it... short and sweet. Josh broke a bass string too. The drive there and back was fun though... we hung out at our friend Cindy's house. She took us to Sonoma State College and we all saw the Afro Duck! Except for Mark LOL. He missed out.

7/26/03 State Capitol show:
Didnt happen... we showed up late for one thing.... and it was all badly planned. So sorry for the hand full of fans that came and were dissapointed as much as i am. Again, sorry.... we will make it up at our SweetBean show.

7/25/03 The Underground in Roseville:
Hmmm... what to say about this show? I guess all i can say is if u missed out on this show, u missed out! We sounded good and only had a few mis-haps occure. Mark broke his bass drum skin. lol Anyways, glad a big crowd came out and supported us... thanx to all our true fans for showing up, we love ya! And Happy Birthday Sheridan!

7/12/03 Eilse's Birthday party:
Where should I start? lol Um.... well.... No Matt and no Jacob.... and about 10 people watched us. The only cool thing is that we played all of our songs! Even 'Andre'! We played about 17 songs... even a new 'Intro'! All you guys missed out. lol But, yeah... it was a special night and we tried our best. 'Andre' didnt sound to good because everyone except for me learned the song that morning before the show. lol But we havent played that song since the original members of FTS were still in! But we sounded good. I watched the video from it and i wasnt disapointed. Happy Birthday Eilse! And even though it was yesterday... Happy Birthday Big Daddy!

7/5/03 Rio Linda Teen Center:
The show today sucked. People said we sounded good, but i thought we didnt. Not sure y, but it was just horrible. And of course Adam couldnt make it and Jacob. Also, they cut us hella short and we only played like 6 songs, not cool! Oh well... we passed out hella flyers for our show on the 25th... so we better do our best cause all 7 of us will be there to tear down that place! Ska Love Ya'll!

6/22/03 BBQ / Party Show in Davis:
We were suposse to play at 7, but we decided to wait for Adam to get off work becuase Matt and Jacob werent able to play and Wil didnt want to have just one horn. Adam shows up at 8:45 and we play about 5 / 6 songs, and the cops show. 'FUCK THE POLICE!' lol

*there were more shows before this, but the review section wasnt around*


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